Blizzard 2015: What to do if your flight is cancelled

In the next 48 hours, New England and the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are due to be hit by a nor’easter. Before the first flakes of the storm, which is now being called “bombogenesis,” began to fall, airlines had cancelled over 6,000 of the flights scheduled to fly into or out of the storm’s path through Wednesday, according to USA Today.

If you are planning to travel, or have had your travel plans abruptly cancelled, here are a few steps to insure that rectifying the situation and braving the storm is as painless and inexpensive as possible.

Be aware of what is going on

Don’t get stranded at the airport unnecessarily. If your flight hasn’t been cancelled yet, call and double check before you leave for the airport that your flight is still going ahead as planned. When weather is involved, flights are usually cancelled well ahead of time. If you confirm that your flight is not cancelled, sign up for text alerts from the airline so you remain on top of the status of your flight. READ MORE.