GoDaddy pulls Super Bowl ad: Even a puppy isn’t a sure thing


When it comes to heart-wrenching Super Bowl animal commercials, Budweiser knows exactly what to do. The same can not be said for everyone else. An uproar over a GoDaddy’s puppy Super Bowl advertisement   prompted it to be pulled before the big game even started.

The website-production company GoDaddy decided to cut their commercial from the Super Bowl lineup and delete it from YouTube after being accused of condoning the sale of dogs online. The commercial featured a dog getting lost and finding its way home, only to be sold to a new owner through a GoDaddy website. The intent was to produce a satire, a humorous spoof on the latest sentimental Budweiser ad.

But animal-rights activists were not amused. Following the release of the commercial, viewers quickly pointed out that dogs purchased online often come from puppy mills and the owners they are sold to are frequently not prepared for the responsibility. READ MORE.