Grace Helbig’s leap from YouTube personality to celebrity: The first of many?


Grace Helbig, the popular YouTube comedian behind “Daily Grace” on “My Damn Channel,” is scheduled to get her own prime time talk show on E! network this spring. “The Grace Helbig Project,” the show’s working title, is the network’s attempt to bring more women to the world of late night talk shows.

Helbig joined YouTube in 2008 and has spent the last seven years working her way up in the ranks, collaborating with other vloggers, going on a national tour, and writing her own book, “Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grownup.”

She is hugely popular on YouTube with over two million subscribers, but Helbig is not widely known offline. She is introverted, a little awkward, and doesn’t fit the stereotypical Hollywood image. But while Helbig’s success story is more high profile than many, she is certainly not the only YouTuber in the process of making the jump to celebrity status through television. READ MORE.