UK grocer tries out e-ink price tags


Sainsbury’s is the United Kingdom’s third largest grocery store, but lately it seems more interested in implementing new technology. The chain announced today that, at least for a trial run at one store, it is going to do away with price stickers, opting for e-ink digital pricing displays.

This will allow Sainsbury’s to save on paper and labor, as well as change and update prices more easily. Currently the technology can be seen only in the Shoreditch Old Street location, in upscale area of London.

“A key part of our strategy is to make sure we’re looking at new technology on behalf of our colleagues to make their lives easier,” Jon Rudoe, the director of digital technology at Sainsbury’s, said in a statement. “So this trial will give us useful feedback about quicker, efficient digital pricing information and how much time and paper we’ll save in the process.” READ MORE.