Weasel takes joyride on back of woodpecker


Forget the llama and the dress. The Internet obsession du jour is an opportunistic carnivore. An amateur London photographer tweeted a picture this week of a woodpecker, mid flight, with a weasel riding on its back.

Martin Le-Ma and his wife were walking in Hornchurch Country Park in London in the hopes of seeing a green woodpecker – his wife hadn’t seen one before – when the pair heard a distressed squawking noise and saw a woodpecker flying across their path.

“I noticed that the woodpecker was hopping around and moving in quite an unnatural way, still making this squawking noise, so I put my binoculars down and picked up my camera,” Mr. Le-Ma told The Telegraph. “The bird took off and flew toward us and I snapped a couple of photographs and I realized as I was doing that that there was something on the back of the woodpecker.” READ MORE.