Will Florida’s legislature decide the fate of the Everglades


Last fall, voters in Florida approved Amendment 1, which designated one-third of real estate transaction taxes to the Land Acquisition Trust Fund. The money would ultimately fund conservation programs. As Florida Legislature’s annual session begins this week, so does the debate over how that money will be spent.

Environmental groups such as Everglades Trust, the Everglades Foundation and the Everglades Coalition are advocating for the district and state to allocate the money to buying 46,800 acres of land from U.S. Sugar Corp.

The conservationists want to use the land to build a reservoir in the agricultural region south of Lake Okeechobee that would replenish the drying Everglades National Park. This would be one step in the multi-million-dollar Everglades restoration plan, which also includes building a filtration system to clean pollution out of water before it runs into the Everglades. READ MORE.