Could Pink Panthers be behind the Paris jewel heist? (+video)

Early Wednesday morning, 15 armed assailants stole $9.5 million worth of jewels from two vans on France‘s A6 autoroute, near Auxerre. The thieves forced the drivers out of their vans, which they used to drive away with their haul.

According to CNN, the vans were stopped at a tollbooth when the thieves used a gas to subdue the four drivers. No shots were fired and no one was injured in the robbery, according to police officials. The two vans, stripped of all valuables, and four getaway cars were found torched in the forest not far from the site of the attack.

The drivers are being held for questioning by the Central Office for the Fight Against Organized Crime, which is leading the investigation. The national police force are currently using an aircraft to search the Yonne region in Burgundy for the thieves and searching the scene for remaining forensic evidence. READ MORE.