Is Uber making car ownership obsolete?

Many a frustrated car owner has fantasized about a life without their financially draining vehicle. But unless you live and work in a city with a fairly extensive public transportation system, not having a car isn’t really an option for many Americans. However, in the era of Uber, Lyft, and the sharing economy, it isn’t such an impossibility any more.

Austin, Texas native Josh Waldrun, who works for The Zebra, a company that compares car insurance rates, decided to give up his car for one month and rely solely on Uber and Lyft for all transportation needs to see if it would be more cost effective.

“I just threw out the idea, like ‘What if I gave up my car for a month?’ It’s really easy when you are leaving the bar at night to get home because there are drivers everywhere, but on the contrary it was super easy to get one at 9 in the morning,” Waldrun told ABC News. READ MORE.