How a 13-year-old sent a message to her dad in space

With the help of the car manufacturer Hyundai, a 13-year-old girl was able to send a message to space, where her dad works on the International Space Station (ISS).

“He gets to live and work in space and he is doing lots of experiments up there. He has to stay there for long periods of time … I miss him when he is gone,” Stephanie, who is from Houston, Texas, said in a video. “I think if we could write a really big message he would be able to see it from space.”

Hyundai took her wish to heart and decided to take on the challenge. Using Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake as a canvas, 11 Genesis sedans drove in synchronized patterns, spelling out “Steph <3’s you” across 2.14 square miles of desert. A promotional video, which Hyundai made to document the process, captured her father’s response and showed the picture he took of her message from the ISS.  READ MORE.