Why Uber is experimenting with food delivery

After successful test runs in Los Angeles and Barcelona, ride-hailing service Uber announced Tuesday that it is launching UberEATS, a food-delivery service, in New York City and Chicago.

UberEats works in much the same way as requesting a ride. When a user is in an UberEats coverage area, an “Eats” button will appear as an option in the app. Users can view the menu, place an order, and pay for food within the Uber interface. Meal prices range from $9 to $12 for lunch and $10 to $15 for dinner. There is also an additional $3 delivery fee – $4 in New York City – but only a 10 minute wait time.

As for the food, Uber is pairing with local restaurants to offer a limited but curated menu that will change daily. The first menus will include a sandwich from American Cut; kale Caesar salad from Sweetgreen; the steak sandwich from Num Pang, in New York; the Pepito Torta from XOCO, in Chicago; and carne asada cemita from Cemitas, in Chicago. READ MORE.