Will self-driving car accidents set back autonomous technology?

Of the 48 self-driving cars currently navigating the streets of California, four of them have crashed in the past nine months, casting doubt on whether autonomous vehicles are ready for widespread adoption.

California began allowing companies to test autonomous cars on public roads in September 2014, and since then, two accidents occurred while the cars were in self-driving mode and two occurred when the driver was steering. Each accident happened when the car was going under 10 miles per hour, and resulted in minimal damages. Three of the cars belonged to Google and the other to Delphi Automotive, a source familiar with the accident reports told the Associated Press.

While the Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed that there have been four accidents, it did not comment on anything else, as collision reports are confidential in California. That this information has not been made public has worried some who argue that the public should be better informed about upcoming technological advances. READ MORE.