Will Pence help Trump win over women voters?

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, now officially Donald Trump’s running mate, may help deliver the socially conservative and evangelical voters who originally supported Texas Sen. Ted Cruz . But Governor Pence is going to have a harder time recruiting women voters – a constituency that Mr. Trump has struggled to attract throughout his campaign, say political analysts.

Pence does not poll very well with women. Even in his home state of Indiana female voters are ambivalent at best: 41 percent of women approved of Pence’s performance as governor and another 41 percent disapproved. And it isn’t difficult to see why.

Earlier this year, Pence signed one of the toughest state abortion laws to date. Indiana law bans health clinics from performing abortions due to disability, race, sex or ancestry of the fetus, and subjects clinics to wrongful death civil liabilities if abortions are performed for any of those reasons. Indiana law also requires that aborted and miscarried fetuses be buried or cremated and that women have an ultrasound 18 hours before an abortion. READ MORE.