Iran’s nuclear deal starts to end after 10 years, not 15 years

A confidential document from the Iran nuclear deal, which was recently leaked to the Associated Press, allows Iran to expand its uranium enrichment program after the first 10 years of the deal, even though the overall agreement lasts 15 years.

The document was given to the Associated Press by a diplomat whose work focused on Iran’s nuclear program and who described the document as “an add-on agreement to the nuclear deal in the form of a document submitted by Iran to the International Atomic Energy Agency.” The IAEA is the United Nations’ watchdog on nuclear research. The authenticity of the document was confirmed by an additional diplomat with access to the document.

The nuclear deal, signed a year ago, was intended to prevent Iran’s proclaimed peaceful nuclear research from being directed at making weapons. In exchange, the US would lift many of the economic sanctions that had been in place since the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. However, details were foggy on what would happen when the stipulations of the deal expire, which varies from 10 to 15 years. READ MORE.