Why wildlife officials in Malawi are relocating hundreds of elephants

The African nation of Malawi is taking an unconventional approach to its animal conservation. In one of the largest scale wildlife relocation projects, 500 of elephants are being relocated to a safer habitat in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

But contrary to what circuses might have you believe, these animals will not form an orderly line and follow a girl with a baton out of one habitat and into a new one, so conservationists had to get creative.

A helicopter homes in over a herd of unsuspecting elephants. From inside, a tranquilizing dart shoots out and hits an elephant in the rear. Once each has been temporarily immobilized, the multi-ton elephants are hung, one by one, from their ankles, hoisted into the air by an industrial crane, and loaded into a truck that will transport it to their new home. READ MORE.