Leaked emails raise questions about DNC’s impartiality

Emails allegedly taken from top officials in the Democratic National Committee (DNC), released by Wikileaks this Friday, reveal a bias against Sen. Bernie Sanders during the primary election from within his own party. The email release comes just days before the start of the Democratic National Convention, causing concern that it may undermine support for Hillary Clinton, especially among supporters of Senator Sanders.

“[The  DNC]  wanted to start the convention in a completely positive, unified, upbeat way and they certainly didn’t want to be scandal ridden,” Jennifer Lawless, professor of government at American University,  tells The Christian Science Monitor. “And it is bad for Clinton in particular because this yet one more scandal that opponents can associate with her.”

The recent leak contains nearly 20,000 emails, reportedly from a handful of leaders in the Democratic Party including Communications Director Luis Miranda and Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer and are available through a search tool on Wikileaks. READ MORE.