How kindergartners in Colorado helped launch a 50-foot rocket

On Sunday, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) held its annual Student Rocket Launch, a program designed to encourage children to pursue STEM careers. This year the program launched two rockets, including the world’s largest sport rocket.

Interns at ULA and Ball Aerospace and the Space Foundation and a group of K-12 students have spent the last four years building the 50-foot tall Future Heavy rocket, the 10-foot Genesis rocket, and the 16 payloads on board. The 1,200-pound rocket was launched at Fort Carson Army Post in Colorado, generating 6,600 pounds of thrust, reaching its goal altitude of 10,000 feet, and successfully deploying all payloads.

“It is an exciting time to be in the space industry, and United Launch Alliance continuously works to excite the next generation of rocket scientists, astronauts, space entrepreneurs and enthusiasts,” Tory Bruno, ULA president and CEO, said in a statement. “The Student Rocket Launch offers students from kindergarten through graduate school a hands-on opportunity to design, test and ultimately launch their creations – a simulation of the multi-year missions ULA works with our customers.” READ MORE.