Pokémon Go hits 75 million downloads, breaking all records

Pokémon Go came into the gaming world with a bang, capitalizing on a combination of 1990s nostalgia and burgeoning augmented reality technology to earn Niantic, the gaming platform the app uses, record-shattering performance and download numbers.

Data from Sensor Tower, an app store optimization platform, estimates that Pokémon Go has been installed 75 million times across Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Although industry watchers are already questioning how long such explosive success can be sustained, nothing detracts from the unprecedented launch numbers that Pokémon Go has now posted.

Compared to other popular game applications, Pokémon Go is exhibiting a phenomenal performance. It took only 19 days after its release for the game to surpass 50 million downloads, while the next highest performing games, Color Switch and Slither.io, took 77 and 81 days respectively to reach the same level. And Sensor Tower data predicts that the app may hit 100 million downloads within the first two months. READ MORE.