Apple shifts focus of Project Titan to autonomous car technology

Apple recently made a new hire that would suggest that its secretive Project Titan is shifting gears from researching electric cars to self-driving ones, Bloomberg reports.

Project Titan’s newest team member is Dan Dodge. Mr. Dodge founded QNX, an operating system company BlackBerry acquired in 2010, which developed the navigation and connected device system currently used by Volkswagen and Ford, among others. He will be joining Apple’s car research and development team lead by Bob Mansfield, another recent hire.

Apple hasn’t completely abandoned efforts to design an electric car. In the future, it could decide to partner with another company to produce parts, while Apple provides the software. With a poor second quarter report and a diminishing demand for the iPhone, Apple’s top selling product, the company is putting more effort into new product development. As a result Apple invested $2.6 billion in research and development over the past three months, up more than a quarter from the same time last year, according to Bloomberg. READ MORE.