How Apple could make money without the iPhone

Apple announced Wednesday the sale of its billionth iPhone, but although it has been a defining feature of the past decade, dropping sales and increased competition from Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi have some wondering how Apple could continue to turn a profit without the iPhone.

Vivek Wadhwa, distinguished fellow and professor at Carnegie Mellon University Engineering at Silicon Valley, has a suggestion that may keep Apple afloat in a world where the iPhone is not the commodity it was a few years ago: make a version of iOS for non-Apple devices.

Apple loyalists may not like the idea, but Bill Gates had the same idea in 1985, Mr. Wadhwa wrote for Market Watch. He wrote a letter to John Sculley, then chief executive officer of Apple, asking him to license Apple’s operating system to other companies. Mr. Sculley and other Apple executives ignored the request and just five months later Microsoft released its own Windows operating system that went on to dominate the computer world for the next several decades. READ MORE.