Is Australia turning a blind eye to abuse to deter asylum seekers?

A report by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International released on Wednesday is accusing Australia of ignoring and even sponsoring the abuse of refugees on Nauru – one of two island nations where Australia sends asylum seekers – in order to deter future refugees from attempting to enter the country.

The worst of the abuse occurs behind the walls of an Australian-funded processing camp where refugees reported that they had been denied medical care, subjected to poor living conditions, and were targeted victims of violent crimes.

“The Australian government is commissioning the abuse of these people,” Anna Neistat, a senior director for research at Amnesty International who spent five days on Nauru in July, told The New York Times. “It pays for the companies that detain the refugees, it pays for the guards, and it fails to provide adequate medical care. Australian taxpayers are funding it. And the world does not know this place exists.” READ MORE.