Rio triggers call for stricter human rights protections for future Olympics

Next time, think about the risks to vulnerable populations before choosing an Olympic city. That’s the take-home message from a coalition of human rights advocates and non government organizations that point to a host of foreseeable problems confronting Rio de Janeiro.

The attempt to clean up Rio before the 2016 Summer Games has resulted in human rights violations, say the members of the Sports and Rights Alliance (SRA), including the forced relocation of tens of thousands of people, poor labor conditions, and an increase in the often war-like tensions between the police and Rio’s poorest neighborhoods.

The goal must be improving “the human rights situation all over the world,” explains Sylvia Schenk of Transparency International, one of the NGOs making up the SRA. Awarding the Olympic Games to a city should lead to better conditions in that city, not worse, she tells The Christian Science Monitor. READ MORE.