40-year overdue library book incurs no fee – but gratitude inspires donation

In 1970s, Michael Kelly checked “So You Want to Be a Doctor” out of the Kanawha County Library in West Virginia. Forty years later, he is a successful plastic surgeon in Miami, Fla., but – as he recently discovered – he never returned the book that helped him get there.

“I was and am a voracious reader, so I would scan the shelves looking for things to read,” Kelly, told WCHS Eyewitness News. “I saw ‘So You Want to Be a Doctor’ and checked it out. I actually found it very helpful because it went through step by step what it took to become a physician, both academically and from a training perspective.”

Embarrassed to find the book still on his shelf, Dr. Kelly plans to return the book to the country’s main library in Charleston, the state capital, on Friday, along with a $500 library donation as a show of gratitude and apology. Kelly, who wanted to be a doctor since his early years of high school, hopes that his story will inspire other kids to follow their dreams. READ MORE.