Brock Turner released: California considers mandatory sentence for rape

In the wake of national outrage about the six-month jail sentence Brock Turner received after he was accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, and his subsequent release after just three months for “good behavior,” California lawmakers are looking to change the way the state punishes rape.

Bill AB 2888 instructs that there be mandatory prison sentences for all people convicted of sexual assault. This would undercut the current state law that allows lighter jail sentences for offenders whose victims were unconscious or incapable of giving consent, which is why Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky gave Mr. Turner a six-month jail term, rather than the six years in prison the prosecutor pushed for.

The bill was passed in both the state Senate and the Assembly and awaits Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature or veto. Governor Brown has not yet indicated how he will proceed. READ MORE.