Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones let listeners tune in without dropping out

Today at IFA, Europe’s largest tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances, which is held in Berlin this year, Sony announced its newest line of audio products, including a pair of headphones that lets listeners turn on and tune in to their favorite music without having to drop out of the world around them.

As headphones have become increasingly ever-present, on the street, on buses and subways, and even in the office, so have concerns that listeners are inattentive to other people and potential dangers around them, such as traffic. The MDR-1000X, a pair of selectively noise-canceling headphones seeks to find a middle ground by allowing the wearer to choose what aspects of the background noise they would like to tune out.

For example, when you’re on the metro and you want to hear the conductor announce the stops but not the screech of the rusty wheels attempting to turn a corner, you can adjust the settings accordingly. Or when trying to concentrate at work, you can opt to tune out background chatter but still pick up the voice of a coworker stopping by your cubicle. READ MORE.