Why NASA’s IG isn’t optimistic about crewed space travel until 2018

NASA’s Office of Inspector General released a report that sheds doubt on the space agency and its contractors’ ability to resume crewed space travel by the end of 2017, stating that 2018 is a more achievable goal at this point.

The OIG report was published prior to the explosion of a SpaceX rocket on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral on Friday, underscoring the inspector general’s point almost before he was done making it. The explosion, as well as other delays from Boeing and NASA, will likely put the return to crewed space travel behind schedule and will extend reliance on Russia to get American astronauts to space.

“Notwithstanding the contractor’s’ optimism, based on the information we gathered during our audit, we believe it unlikely that either Boeing or SpaceX will achieve certified, crewed flight to the ISS until late 2018,” the inspector general wrote in the report. READ MORE.