How do Nike’s self-lacing sneakers work?

When Marty McFly put on his Nike sneakers in “Back To The Future” the soles lit up and laces sprung to life and laced themselves. Over at Nike’s research and development in Beaverton, Ore., the real lab engineers were inspired.

Now after 28 years of brainstorming and 11 years of research and development, Nike is releasing its fully functioning, self-tying shoes at select stores throughout the United States on Nov. 28. The HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes employ what Nike calls “adaptive fit” technology in order to adjust to the individual wearer’s feet and aside from flashy LED lights they have a relatively simple design.

“We’re talking about a project that’s maybe the most difficult in the history of footwear,” Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield told Wired. “I’m more excited about this than any project I’ve ever been involved with.” READ MORE.