Man pulling girl by her hair ignites web debate on corporal punishment

When Erika and Robert Burch saw a man pulling a young girl by the hair through in a Cleveland, Texas, Wal-Mart they told him to stop and he told them to mind their own business.

Ms. Burch snapped several photos of the pair and posted it to her Facebook account, which was then shared 18,000 times. Strangers across the social media site expressed concern and outrage at the treatment of the child. The incident brings up an increasingly prevalent debate about children’s rights and whether or not it is acceptable to use physical punishment as a form of discipline – and if the public should weigh in on private family matters.

Witnesses told WKPRC Channel 2 in Houston that the girl kept wandering off in the store, and the father grabbed her hair and kept her close to discipline her.  (At the time of writing it had not been verified if the man was the girl’s father.) READ MORE.