How LinkedIn wants to do more than just promote your resume

Recently, Instagram added a Snapchat-esque disappearing photo reel to its platform, the latest social media site to change up its offerings in an effort to diversify – and compete. Now, in yet one more case of social media sites trying to incorporate their rivals’ best features into their existing platform, LinkedIn is expanding its services in an effort to get its users to spend more time on the site. By enhancing its social and educational tools, the site wants to loosen the necktie around its professional image.

On Thursday, the company launched an online education platform, LinkedIn Learning, and revealed plans to soon roll out a newly redesigned desktop, news feed, messaging service, and bots. LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft in June, but the professional network building site claims these new features were in the works before the takeover, Digital Trends reports.

LinkedIn Learning currently offers more than 9,000 courses, many of which are based on content from, an online learning company that LinkedIn acquired for $1.5 billion in 2015. READ MORE.