New weapons policy for Chicago police emphasizes ‘sanctity of life’

On Friday, the Chicago Police Department announced a new set of proposed policies that will update how it trains police officers to use force. The stated goals are to better protect the “sanctity of life” and establish trust through transparency.

The draft policies would require police officers to actively attempt to de-escalate dangerous situations and provide specific justification for each time physical force, or any weapon, including a taser or pepper spray, is used. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says he hopes to see the policies fully in place by 2017, although some are questioning how effective they will be.

“Today as we speak, in-service officers and recruits are receiving live scenario-based de-escalating training, where they’re learning to introduce the concept of time in high tension situations and identify individuals who may suffer from mental health issues with the use of deadly force being the last and final option,” Mr. Johnson told CNN. READ MORE.