Two years after Laquan McDonald’s death, a proposal to recall elected officials

Two years after Laquan McDonald, a young black man from Chicago, was fatally shot in the back 16 times by a police officer, some members of the community are still seeking a better path forward. 

On Thursday, a group of activists commemorated the second anniversary of the 17-year-old’s death by introducing legislation that would allow citizens to recall elected officials if they feel justice has not been served. It would add another layer of accountability to a power structure already dealing with ambiguity in an era of bodycams and civilian cellphone videos.

If passed, the Laquan McDonald Act will create a special election process through which citizens could recall elected public officials, including the mayor and the Cook County state’s attorney. Activists proposing the bill hope that it would hold public officials accountable at a time when public trust in once infallible institutions such as police departments is slipping. READ MORE.