Iceland’s Pirate Party edges toward parliamentary majority

The year 2016 has been marked by unprecedented elections and dissatisfaction with the democratic process. And while third parties have not thrived in the United States in this climate, they’ve had more success elsewhere.

In Iceland, the Pirate party is poised to win the parliamentary election on Saturday. Founded by a former WikiLeaks collaborator, the party’s goal is to create a direct democracy for the digital age, one where policy ideas are crowdsourced online, drugs are legalized, power is put in the hands of the powerless, and Edward Snowden is offered asylum. For months, polls have been showing a Pirate victory as Iceland, still smarting from the 2008 economic crash and deeply distrustful of government, looks for something new.

“We stand for enacting changes that have to do with reforming the systems, rather than changing minor things that might easily be changed back,” said Birgitta Jónsdóttir, the party’s leader, reported USA Today. “We do not define ourselves as left or right.” READ MORE.