How NASA astronauts cast their votes … from spaaaaace!

Every four years, millions of American voters both abroad and at home US cast their ballot for president without going to the polls, mailing in absentee ballots to vote from afar. And a few ballots digitally make the 250-mile journey from the International Space Station to the Earth’s surface.

This year, Shane Kimbrough, currently the only American in space, cast his ballot from the International Space Station (ISS) Monday. Kate Rubins also voted early, submitting her ballot before returning to Earth last week after a four-month stint on the ISS. For the purposes of voting, the astronauts’ address is listed as “low-Earth orbit.”

The “voting process starts a year before launch, when astronauts are able to select which elections (local/state/federal) that they want to participate in while in space,” NASA officials said recently in a blog post. “Then, six months before the election, astronauts are provided with a standard form: the ‘Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request – Federal Post Card Application.’ ” READ MORE.