Uber drivers join national strike for higher pay

Uber drivers in more than a dozen cities across the United States plan to go on strike Tuesday as part of the national “Day of Disruption” demonstrations to fight for a higher minimum wage alongside fast-food cooks, airport workers, home-care workers, child-care workers, graduate assistants, and other part-time workers.

Fight for $15, a labor movement which opposes employment policies that block wage increases, deport immigrants, and cut health-care benefits, organized the protests. Protesting Uber drivers are not only fighting to raise their $7.25 per hour minimum wage but also to change their status from contract workers to Uber employees.

“Everyone says the gig economy is the future of work, but if we want to make that future a bright one, we need to join together like fast-food workers have in the Fight for $15 and demand an economy that works for all,” Justin Berisie, an Uber driver base in Denver, said in a statement. READ MORE.