Favorite Stories

1. East Asian schools rank best in the world. What are they doing right?

East Asian countries claimed the top spots in a recent world educational ranking. How are they succeeding?


2. How Tesla’s new battery may revolutionize energy consumption

Tesla is expanding its business beyond luxury electric cars and looking to power homes and businesses with renewable energy stored in batteries. Will Tesla’s experiment prove successful?


3. Survival stories from the Nepal earthquake

In the aftermath of the largest earthquake in Nepal since 1934, a few amazing tales of survival are emerging.


4. Costa Rica uses 100% renewable energy for past 75 days. How are they doing it?

Costa Rica has managed to do away with fossil fuels, relying on hydropower and other forms of renewable energy instead. Could other countries follow suit?


5. Do countries become less religious as they get richer?

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that the wealthier a country is, the less religious its people tend to be, except America.


6. What can opera teach us about particle physics?

A new opera film set inside the largest particle accelerator on earth explores science through an artistic lens. Will this unlikely partnership help answer existential questions?


7. What would life look like on Saturn’s largest moon?

Life – although not as we know it – may be possible in the frigid methane seas of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, according to a new study.


8. Who is Beck, the man behind the 2015 Album of The Year ‘Morning Phase’?

Many, including Kanye West, were surprised Beck won the Grammy for album of the year. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it.


9. Are self driving cars coming sooner than we thing?

There are fewer legal hops to jump through before self-driving cars become a reality than we previously thought. But does that mean that humans are ready to hand over the reins to a computer?


10. Which woman should be featured on the $20 bill?

Move over Andrew Jackson.